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Giuseppe and Francesco Interview Express

Giuseppe and Francesco Interview Express

Giuseppe and Francesco from Realtà Futura Arciragazzi Association (Italy) will participate in “Together for Diversity” international summer camp of Esplais Catalans. They continue our international Express interviews to our partners of T4D camps (see interviews from Finland and Lithuania)! Let’s meet them!

Giuseppe (G): my name is Giuseppe and I’m 16 years old. I come from Napoli (in the south of Italy) and I’m a member of Realtá Futura Arciragazzi association since I was a baby. Our mission is divided in many points:

– to give subjectivity to children and to building all together an educational path, of socialization, of aggregation, of birth of a new cultue, through concrete actions.
– to give subjectivity, value and dignity to our district and the existing structures, as well as to promote the concept of active citizen.
– to create and to sustain integrated actions from the different educational agencies that have an important role in the evolution of our children and guys.
– to promote and to divulge, through our daily activities, children’s rights.

Francesco (F): my name is Francesco Mercolino, I’m 15 years old and I’m a member of Associazione Realtà Futura Arciragazzi from Napoli and our mission is to have a good time together.

1. What do you think when you listen the word esplai?

G:  I think in the word “game”.
F: When I listen the word Esplai I think in an explosion.

 2. What games did you play when you were a child?

G: When I was a baby I loved to play a hide-and-seek, football, basket and play table football.
F: When I was a baby I loved to play a hide-and-seek, football and playstation.

3. And now, what games do you play in your free time?

G: Now I play football and console games (Playstation, X-box).
F: Now I only play football.

4. Name one book you would you like to suggest

G: The da Vinci Code.
F: The Da Vinci code and Robinson Crusoe.

5. Name one website you visit every day


6. What do you like the most in your association?

G: To play table football with my educators. Also I like when we do meetings in other cities of Italia and I spent my time with other guys of Arciragazzi. During this meeting we have possibility to discuss and share a lot of subjects.
F: I like to play table football with my friends and my educators. Also I like to go around our city and discover new things.

7. And what less?

G: When we have to clear our association 🙂
F: I don’t like to do reunions.

8. How do you imagine T4D Camp?

G: With a lot of girls… very funny and beauty.
F: I imagine a very big camp with a lot of guys that come from Europe, so they speak a very different language that I never heard before… It will be a very great new experience for me.

9. How would you like to contribute to the T4D?

G:  I’ll bring our dialect and our tradition (food, music).
F: With our habits and traditions – to Bring Ray Ban.

10. What do you think you can learn about Diversity in T4D?

G: I would like to learn new things (about other city, other organizations, other people).
F: I would like to learn everything that is different from myself.

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